Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quilts for Christmas

I have been busy sewing for Chirstmas. Three quilts for three sisters. I hope they like them. I have had them quilted by Jane Monk . I attended a class with Judy Hooworth earlier in the year- sewing strips and cutting to get the different patterns. Her book is called "Quilts on the Double" Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More retreat

This is where we set up our work room - the conservatory.

Winter Retreat

Try again for the photos of West Kentish This is the kitchen and dining area - notice the length of the table.
Some photo of where we stayed. Will post these later Blogger is being very difficult

Winter Retreat

I have spent the weekend away from home - a weekend at West Kentish with the girls. Lots of Sewing done. These are two quilt tops that I started in February. I also made a bag. and some more blocks for my reproduction quilt. I took my Sewezi table - very happy with it.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Warrawee Reserve

Today I went up Shale Road to help Paul load some wood onto the Rocky. While I was there I continued up to Warawee Reserve and took some photos

The photo above was taken last weekend. It was a really frost morning. I think I took this photo about 10.30 am We are in the shadow of a hill durning winter.

And on the stitching front theese Klosjes are all that I had made up to last weekend. I will keep plugging away. I had to sew a label on my quilt for the Guild show which is next weekend in Hobart.
Cheers Edie

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Do you like soup

Had a bowl of this soup last Monday at our stitching night. It was a shared tea. So this is the recipe compliments of Joanne.

Joannes Thai Curry Soup

800 gm Pumpkin
1 Lge Carrot
1 Lge Onion
2 bunch Coriander
2 Tblspoon Thai red curry paste
500 gm Chicken stock
1 can coconut milk

Dice pumpkin Carrot and Onion,chop coriander and saute in 2 tblespoon oil with the curry paste. Add 500 ml chicken stock. Simmer til cooked. Put through the food processor or blend with a stick mixer. Add the coconut milk. Warm through and serve. This will give you enough for 6.
The photo for the day is of Manly Beach


Wow, its been a while.
I have been sewing some, traveling some and of course the usual work work work. I habe made another baby quilt for a new baby in our street.. Its pink of course for a girl.
I have also started making Klosjes (I hope I have spelled that correctly. Its a very good hand project for me to do. Doesn't take a lot of preparation.

I have also been on a quilting retreat to Bathurst. My travel buddies were Julie and Carleen. We had a couple of days in Sydney prior to Bathurst and after. The unit that we stayed in was top notch. Two bedroom apartment. Just up from Darling Harbour and Chinatown. We did the usual touristy things, and had a ball.

Below left is Julie & I at Darling Harbour and right is Carleen and Julie at the Bar just down from our apartment.Blogger is being difficult with the layout so the photos are different from what they were in the original post

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finished quilt

Well I have finished my William Morris quilt. Well almost - I need to do a label. But I haven't thought of a name for the quilt yet. Just keep calling in my WM quilt.
Any suggestions welcome!!

Baby Quilt

Well as a proud Great Aunt I gave Isaac his quilt,. He was hungry and squarking at the time as you can see from the photo.
Mum and my sister were in on a family photo too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Quilt

My oldest niece Gretchen and her partner Dave have just beome proud parents to Isaac William. So it was time for a quilt. I had previously started my Kaffe Fasset quilt with one baby in mind, but it grew a little too big. So at the weekend I found some scrappy bargello blocks that I had made and by making one more block, Hey Presto a baby quilt. Well it will be when its finished. I added a black & white border. Bright and cheery don't you think.
Cheers Edie

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Walking the Dog

Todays photo is of Sheean Walk. This is where you will find me and the dog most afternoons after work. It used to be the train line, now it is a walking track that goes from the main street down to the river. It is named after a local war hero. There is usually something interesting to see while walking. I've seen platypus in the creek, echidnas, all sorts of birds rabbits and even a wallaby.Rexi would like to chase the rabbits but isn't allowed!
Cheers Edie

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Perhaps my New Years resolution should be to post on a more regular basis. We can but try. I usually spend too much time reading others blogs. But I have been doing some sewing, quilting my William Morris quilt. I've outlines all of the applique shapes, then did free form feathers around the applique and now I'm quilting the borders. Straight line for them at 3/4 inch. Now I am going to walk the dog. She missed her walk yesterday. Life got in the way.
Cheers Edie