Friday, March 29, 2013

Busy busy

a busy couple of weeks. I've made a couple of chenille cushions as a class sample.The class was a good day of sewing. Then some quilting on the frame. This one for Jo. A tesellated pinwheel. Just love the colours. And a quilt for Diane that she has made with her grandaughter. Very feminine and soft. At the weekend I went to the Easter gathering at Bridgewater. Elaine and Susan took the shop. A great day out. And today I have finished a quilt for Kaye. Its for a boy, her grandson I think.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Glasses Needed

I really should put my glasses on when I am on the computer. I was deleting drafts on my blog and just deleted my last post!!! P...P So Here it goes again. I have been busy this last month. Camping as Deloraine (with a visit from an inquisative swan,) for a girls sewing weekend. It was great sewing in the fresh air until the breeze got up a little too much. I did manage to finish constructing my New York Beauty block, now only need to be set out for colour placement and assembled...Only.. There was also a workshop with my local group from the book One Block Wonders. Still a work in progress. Trips to Smithton and Marrawah and some quilting on the frame.