Monday, November 9, 2009

All that Jazz

Long time no post. Life just gets in the way sometomes. We are enjoying a week of balmy weather which is a bit unseasonal for this time of year. Usually it would be one day like this. Today at home it was 27 degrees in the sun.

My photo for this post is of a challenge by Devon Patchworks and Quliters organied in conjuntion with our quilt show in August. It was on the same weekend as the Jazz Festival, so we rode on their coat tails. Their colours for the Festicval are Yellow and black and our theme was "JAzz". These are the ones that we made.

And Paul has finally been able to get a disability pension. He has disappointed with the amount, but I did tell his that even if it had only seen $10.00 per week it was better than nothing.